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2 years ago

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My friend Zoe and I are in the 20's, have been living together for five years and is an open relationship. This means that both have had and have other sexual partners, but we have never seen before to be fucked as well, until last week, is that. just returned from Gran Canaria, which had a cheap deal type assigned to the late arrival, and landed on a poxy little hotel in Sun Country, near Maspalomas. Anyway, one day walking along the beach about a mile, porn2 and went to the dunes, we found a nice quiet place, and moved to our tans for all. It was common to the kinds of perverted old look and see how close you are getting into before you tell them to fuck were there for about 2 hours, if these two young Spanish were naked and sat about 10 meters away. Zoe said I would not mind a little porn2 and porn2 started playing with it. The two guys have noticed, and waved them over, I could not believe my eyes, took his keys in your mouth and runs through sucking and masturbating until she came in her mouth and swallowed the lot line. Then he turned and took the key to another in the pussy from behind. Having launched his burden to them, just go up until you tan, as if nothing had happened. The two boys were with a smile on my face and I porn2 was speechless. After a few minutes I said to Zoe, we can do is talk about what just happened, she sat down and said, wait a minute, left the water and washed with her pussy. Zoe said what's up porn2 with you, and went on to say, look, when two men go well endowed as you take your chance, if you can. I looked at did not know what to say during the next hour or so I was in dreamland. returned to the hotel, I said, you're still angry, to grow, you can catch me at any time. I never more 2. Zoe took my night, and now I have the shock and I thought I would share this story with you.

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